4, 5, 6 weeks pregnant?! Or a strong desire to have children?

The midwives of Verloskundigen Ridderhof are ready for you. For personal guidance and everything you need to know associated with pregnancy and birth.

During our consultations we provide you with all information regarding getting pregnant. We always focus on your personal situation.

We are also echographists. During your intake, we provide you with your first ultrasound. After that you will undergo a regular term, growth and echo of the location of your baby. Emergency Echoes can also – if necessary – be made outside of office hours.

We provide consultations in Oss, Heesch and Nistelrode , so we are easily accessible to everyone in this area. Our practice region consists mainly of Oss, Heesch, Nistelrode, Berghem, Ravenstein and Maaskant.

What can you expect

Care during pregnancy:

  • We make sure that you stay healthy, and that you will continue to feel emotionally well
  • We keep track of your baby’s development inside the womb
  • We provide you with all the information and advice regarding your pregnancy
  • We provide information about prenatal examinations and discuss the advantages and disadvantages
  • We help you prepare for childbirth: during the checkups you will receive adequate information from us and you are welcome to visit our informative evenings
  • We detect it if there is a threat of complications and refer you to a gynecologist in time (this process is called risk selection)
  • We make sure you receive excellent personal guidance
  • We take care in all areas regarding pregnancy and birth
  • We provide supervision of your childbirth, even if you’ve also been under supervision at a gynecologist
  • 24 hours a day/7 days a week accessibility
  • Breastfeeding counseling

You can find a lot of information in this flyer Pregnant!

Our practice consists of four midwives. You do not have to choose a specific midwife. You will get to meet every one of us during your consultations.

The midwife you meet at your intake is your “CoZo” (Coördinerend Zorgverlener). She’s your first point of contact throughout your pregnancy. Also, she is the one who coordinates the big particular matters regarding you and your baby. Besides your CoZo, you can go to all midwives for all of your questions. We can help you out with all the ordinary and urgent questions, but in case you are having problems at home, or if there’s something out of the ordinary, you can always opt for a visit at your CoZo and discuss it with her.


In the beginning, we meet every four weeks. From about 22 weeks into pregnancy we meet every three weeks, then every two weeks, and finally every week. And of course, in case of irregularities or complications, you will be monitored more frequently.

We measure your blood pressure and weight at each check-up. We check your belly for the growth and position of the baby and we listen to the heart of the baby. At about 11 weeks, we make an ultrasound to determine your final due date. At the second check-up you will receive a copy of your pregnancy card so you have all the details of your pregnancy within reach at all times. It is in your best interest to also bring this card on any holiday. And of course we kindly ask you to have it with you if you have to visit the gynecologist. To assess whether the baby is growing well, an echo will be made during the 31st and 35th week of your pregnancy.

During labor, the one who guides you while giving birth is the midwife on duty. At all times, our emergency backup is a midwife of this practice, so you will have met her beforehand. If we need additional help, we have arrangements with other practices; there is always a professional midwife standing by in case we need her.


During regular consultation you will get to meet our assistants Annemiek van de Ven and Anne-Marie Leijten. They also answer the phone when you call, and are able to provide you with lots of useful information regarding your pregnancy. You can reach us daily, from 09:00h to 17:00, by telephone: 0412-627560

For urgent matters, or when you are going into labor, you can always call the mobile number of the attending midwife: 06-55884455

The attending midwife always has her mobile phone with her so you will have direct contact with her. In case of no response you can contact the reception of hospital Bernhoven (0413-404040) in Uden. Please ask for midwifery practice the Verloskundigen Ridderhof.